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Month: October, 2006

You Know I Never Meant To See You Again, But I Only Passed By As A Friend

The straight white line of your inner thighs, I remembered today on Eldon Street. I can’t believe the day ended with the cyclical repetition of the thought, a day of dry mouth tiredness and post-wedding angst.

The straight white lines of that road I travelled.

Gig went well, although Zero Livejournal people turned up which makes me a little sad. Still, we got a great turn out anyway through various groups of people not associated with it, and our set was tight, cohesive and electro-tastic. The Comedy juddered to some of Rix’s awesome beats. My vocals were nice and strong; Simon didn’t miss too many of the killer notes. We’re better than most of the bands I’ve seen that my friends/acquaintances have fronted at least, sweet Claustrophobia! None of that joke band malarkey for us.

Next gig back at Turnmills. Time for the Fred Perry Remix to be wheeled out.

Update: I’ve fixed our MySpace profile.  You can now hear the ‘Lack of Direction’ demo.

Gig this Wednesday @ The Comedy.

Come along.

The Comedy

the comedy flyer
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My band, Sons And Fascination play The Comedy near Leicester Square (7 Oxendon St) on

Wed 18th October 2006

We’re on around 9 pm

Flyer here for more info if you’re interested ..


Keep well, and pass the news on to anyone I’ve forgotten.

Gurdeep/ SJK / Rick