To Know Release.

Emotional, spiritual, metaphysical, the snap-back release of walking away and walking out, maybe never looking back, perhaps to a day off or perhaps to get a coffee or maybe to get yourself a walk fitted into a busy day. What is it made of, what are its constituent parts and can it be atomised? Is it even a question? I find myself asking, asking, perhaps more and more, because the answer is so important. It is delicious in its necessity. I need to feel a release. And in the dancing moments of joy around a sparse room with eyes shut tight and the lights and music blaring up through the ether and via the speakers, that experience might be termed something close to what I circumscribe. I am an adventurer of sorts in that I want to know how to get there, from here, and not to wait around for you to take me by the hand and lead me, a passenger, to what you think I want. That is not what I want at all.

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