Malta: III


The day drags on, or it goes quickly: it has always depended on your perspective.  The air con in the room where the coffee is situated is too strong for an empty room but unable to deal effectively with a massed crowd.  The sun is almost directly overhead and lavish in its heat and fizz.  The waves crash onto cliffs, noiseless, in the distance.

I meet ____  from _____ with whom I have a pleasant beer.   It is only afterwards I notice the ash from my cigarette has fallen over my jeans.  It is too hot for jeans but I simply cannot wear shorts in front of the delegates.  There is also no way 511s were made for these conditions, unless you count the baking hot American sun.

I think about America a lot these days.  I also think that this was the holiday you always wanted but that we were unable to agree on.

We are going on a tour of Mdina later.

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