What I Learned This Weekend

I learned that girls will stay with a boy even if he is a ‘unbearable wanker, most of time’ if there are some good ‘throwdowns’.  I learnt what this meant.

I learned that nostalgia isn’t just for the dreaming spires.  It’s possible to get (a bit) nostalgic for a 70s tower block.

I learned that going on dates is like going for a job interview.  More or less.

I learned that the way to keep it smooth on the Fiesta Ghia X is just to speed through the far too short second gear and go more quickly than you normally would into third.  And relax.

I learned that if I go shopping with Mum I will end up buying more baked beans than I’ve eated in the past year.


I learned that BAR 101 HAS SHUT DOWN HAS SHUT DOWN!!

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