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I’ve lived in East Ham since the mid 90s and never really felt the need to do a lifestyle blog.  Perhaps I will though.  Apparently there are a few springing up now that hipsters and first timers have been forced out of Forest Gate and the Stow and Mile End, even.  Perhaps I was just never very good at this blogging thing: the wearing insistence on cynicism, the fear of being ridiculed and/or satirised, and maybe just the sheer lack of desire.  But does it run deeper : some kind of world-weary depression that just won’t lift, won’t budge, won’t move, a mental block to the kind of guile-free happy public sharing that can be healthy and beneficial.  So I am going to start to make that change, and I begin with a little exploration of my adopted home town (I am a Brummie by birth) just as soon as this dismal rain lifts and the Hammers fans have kicked out at 2:30pm.  For all that grist, there is this mill, but I am tired, and it is a long way to the sunshine from here.

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