Author and Publisher. I work in academic publishing. I live in London and am currently writing my second novel. I can be contacted at @gurdeepmattu and and would especially like to hear from literary agents interested in representing my work.

Month: May, 2016


A walk in the cherry blossoms
And it takes much longer, now,
Much longer, to recover.
Hangovers last for days.
Colds last a week.
My spirits are recovered
By the beauty this tree
has carelessly
Scattered on the ground,
Morsels of the infinite
On my yellow plastic Nikes

Mots juste

We circle each other like
Wounded Lion bars
Suffering is tinged by the sweet promise
Of salvation, elevation to the Galaxy
Of Milky Ways and the Ripple in space time.

I Draw

Painting on the wall of the
Brick wall
The man runs lazily to the quick brown fox and says
Hashtag Modernism
Hashtag egg and beans
In ma belly