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Month: August, 2016

The gravel four(e)court

The sadness of a Jeep with a flat tyre on the fourcourt, gravel-bound, peeling signs, what do you want from us?


I think of the air in the gents, humid with water from the hand dryers, acid with the uric tang of piss. The subtler notes of rotting shit.

Wo heimat zu?

Airport Stress Dream

I had the airport stress dream again. It’s like a recurring dream. I can’t get to the airport, via any form of transport, no matter how hard I try. I miss my plane – usually one that would be taking me to a conference. This time : a car smash, lost hours, a late, never-arriving District Line, a trip home, a refusal on my part to ask for a lift. I feel dreadful this morning.