Tour of Brexit Britain

I recently left my post at a leading academic publisher, after 10 years of running the list. As I recharge and ponder my next move, I have taken the time to set up a publisher of my own. This is E6 Books. The web address is and submissions can be sent to me at

In my downtime I will be going on road trips and a vague tour of this nation of ours (I say ours – it’s not mine, as Theresa May et al have reminded me). I am “British-born” rather than British, at least, I am if I ever do anything wrong and get the papers writing about me. I am still proud of my town, my City and my people and I cling to my friends as brothers and sisters. These are the England I hold dear. They are what I have discovered in the rolling hills and steam and soot of London. How much pain will these politicians inflict on the BAME communities for purely personal gain? Have they no shame and sense of greater purpose.

My bible shall be this 1973 Shell Guide to England, which has a Preface ‘On England’ by J. B. Priestley.

Here is my wife, Laura, with the Good Book, in Marcham, where we stopped for a drink and met some of the locals.

Here for your perusal, are the Contents. Let these be the stages of my redemption.

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